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Voicemail is the system used to record short audio messages from callers that were not able to reach you.

How It Works

When a caller fails to reach you at your extension, their call is transferred to your extension’s voicemail. A default voicemail greeting will play when a caller reaches your voicemail box or you can choose to record your own greeting. Once the greeting is finished, the caller is prompted to start recording their message.

The voicemail system can be configured through the Admin & User Portal by selecting "Extension Settings" from the "Settings" drop-down menu. There, you can set up or disable your voicemail, change your voicemail password, and select the settings for retrieving your voicemail messages. Voicemail messages can be stored with Amp Telecom, emailed to you, or both.

Practical Uses

  • Access stored voicemail messages directly from your phone or through the User Portal. You can also have voicemail messages emailed to you.
  • Easily manage and share voicemail.
  • Continue giving callers the ability to leave messages even if you lose power or the internet.

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