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Conference Calling (N-Way Calling)

Conference Calling is the ability to add multiple participants into your phone conversation.

How It Works – Deskphone and Softphones

Many higher-end deskphones and some softphones include 3 to 5 party conference calling directly from the telephone. During an existing call, press the conference call button on your phone, dial the other party you want to include, and press the conference call button again to join all of the parties together.

How It Works – Mobile

Conference calling also works by using the *3 feature code on your deskphone, softphone, and calls forwarded to your mobile phone via Follow Me. Simply dial *3 during a call and you will be prompted with a dial tone at which time you can dial the number of the party you wish to include into your conference call.

Practical Uses

  • Add one or more additional parties to your call.
  • Collaborate with remote teams on a single call.
  • Initiate conference calls easily from your mobile phone.

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