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Call Recording (Automatic & On-Demand)

Call Recording allows employees to manually record calls, and for the company to automatically record all calls if so desired.

How It Works – Automatic Recording (Beta)

Log in to the Admin & User Portal and choose “Extension Settings” from the “Settings” drop-down menu. There you can choose from the following options for the “Record Call” field:
None – This option turns automatic recording off.
All Calls – This option records all calls to and from the extension.
Extension to Extension – This option only records calls between your extension and other internal extensions.
Inbound Calls – This option only records calls received to the extension.
Outbound Calls – This option only records calls made from the extension.

How It Works – On-Demand & Mobile

Some telephones have their own recording button and system that may or may not use Amp Telecom’s internal Call Recording feature. However, Amp Telecom provides the feature code *4, which immediately starts recording the call until the call is hung up. The Call Recording feature code *4 can also be used on your mobile telephone without an additional app when a call is forwarded to your mobile phone by the Follow Me feature.

Practical Uses

  • Capture details of the call that might have been missed in the initial exchange.
  • Allow managers to verify complaints against an employee during a call.
  • Record calls forwarded to your mobile phone.
  • Can have a message that the call is being recorded (if your state and local regulations require it).
  • Assists you in coaching or training employees or evaluating their performance.

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