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Call Parking

Call Parking transfers a call to a temporary extension so that you or someone else can pick the call back up from a different phone or extension. For example, Jane is on a call with Bob and would like for Adam to grab the call, but he’s not at his desk. Jane uses the Call Parking feature, and the system let’s her know that the extension number of the parked call is 1234. Once Jane finds Adam in the hall, she lets Adam knows that Bob’s call is at extension 1234. Adam dials extension 1234 from his desk phone and he is immediately connected to Bob.

How It Works

Calls can be parked by transferring a call to *5900. Once the call is parked, the extension number of the parked call will be announced by the Call Parking system. Make sure that you note the new extension number and communicate the extension to the intended party. The intended party just needs to dial the extension they received from you to pick up the parked call.

Practical Uses

  • Temporarily placing someone on hold at an extension that can be picked up by anyone with the extension number.

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