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Call Menus (Virtual Receptionist / Interactive Voice Response / IVR)

Call Menus are technically know as Interactive Voice Response (IVR). A Call Menu is a pre-recorded list of choices a caller can select to be routed to the correct department.

How It Works

When a call comes in, the caller is presented with a set options to help connect the caller with the right department or person within the organization. The caller can dial the menu choice on their phones to be connected to the appropriate department or extension. Call Menus are also used to give callers choices as part of a call queue or voicemail system. For instance, voicemail systems often give callers a choice to listen to their recording or erase and re-record their message.

Practical Uses

  • Completely customizable way of routing your calls.
  • Save time by making sure callers go to the right person, right away.
  • Automatically route calls that come in during or after business hours.
  • Offload much of the work done by a receptionist.

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