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Business Continuity

With Business Continuity, your phone system will continue handling calls even if the power is out at your office. Further, your faxes, voicemails, and recorded calls remain securely stored with Amp Telecom regardless what may happen at the office.

How It Works

The unexpected happens, but business must go on. In the event that your organization or a specific extension loses connectivity (power outages, loss of Internet service, etc.), Amp Telecom will continue to handle your incoming calls as if the location without connectivity were simply busy. In most cases, the incoming call will go to voicemail or be forwarded to another destination. The caller has no idea that you’ve experienced an outage.

Practical Uses

  • Continue serving inbound telephone calls even when your office is experiencing any kind of service outage.
  • Retain faxes, voicemails and recorded calls without the need for maintaining your own back-ups.

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